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Learning Through Play: Children and Parent Approved!

Mums and dads, is your child ready for learning? There are amazing things that await your little one at the child care centres in Sunshine Coast that parents are sending their children into! Your children are growing up, and it’s important to let them experience learning with other kids. As a parent, you should enrol them in child care.

Children: The World Through Their Lens

Cartoon television shows, kid-friendly apps, trendy toys–the children today are enjoying their life by having fun with these things. While you spoil them with what they want because you love them, please do keep in mind that they need to be educated, too. You can find a fun learning environment with the child care centres in Sunshine Coast located.

Modern kids these days are blessed with educational opportunities and you, as a parent, should grab any chances so your children can become their best. Sunshine Coast, with many schools running, are providing their citizens access to world-class education. It is vital to enrol your young ones into child care centres in Sunshine Coast to secure their first steps to knowledge.

Fun Learning in Child Care

Since when did learning become boring? Contrary to the popular belief that school is boring, education in child care centres are actually based on play learning while developing the cognitive, emotional and social aspects of your child. So whether you choose the child care Townsville or Sunshine Coast, you will be assured of learning through play that your child will love.

So what are the expected things in play-learning? Here are three major outcomes that emerge from learning through play:

  1. Children with a high level of thinking – According to neuroscientists, play is synonymous to learning. Because of that finding, children who play are actually learning by themselves or by the help of others. With play, they are able to take on roles like playing doctor or chef–learning what they do, how they look like, and why they are important. It simulates their analytical skills too, when they play in a play-based learning.
  1. Children being creative – learning through play encourages your child to express themselves with painting, drawing, singing, dancing and other simple activities that does not fully restrict them on what needs to be done. They can hone their cognitive processes into creativity.
  1. Children who socialise well – keeping your children at home will not develop their social skills when they deal with people. In learning through play, children can communicate freely with the other kids to share their thoughts, opinions and ideas to complete a given task or just to play freely. They are also expected to show proper manners and comprehensive communication to socialise.

These are the top three outcomes of learning through play. If you’re interested, you can look up online for a child care centre near me to get ideas and other information.

Enrol in learning through play

Parent, your child is a decision away to learning more and making you proud. You can browse early child care centers near me online or simply visit Brisbane Lady Gowrie Child Centre at for more details.

Education & Training

Why you should enroll for an Au Pair program

The international au pair organization is the global trade association for organizations that are active in au pair and cultural exchange programs. In 2012, the IAPA conducted a survey in 27 countries and the report results showed that there was an increase in the number of au pairs that were sent in 2011 with a growth rate of 10% witnessed in comparison to the previous year. Also according to the survey, the internet and emails were the most popular membership recruitment techniques with about 40%, followed by 25% of agency referrals and 8% of telephone referrals. The numbers are rising because people are continually realizing the host of benefits that come with registering for an Au pair program. This article explores some of the ways that people stand to benefit from an Au pair Perth program.

You get to learn and master a new language

The basic requirement for travelling abroad as an Au pair is registering to a language course. The goodness is you won’t be subjected to the procedures following applications and registration to language school. The agencies with programs usually have agreements already with a number institutions and they will take care of such worries for you. The advantage with studying a language with a program for an Au pair in Perth is a person gets to actually put the language to practice by speaking with the native people. It is an advantage that will enable you to learn the language much faster and you will be able to speak fluently in no time.

Exposure to experience the culture

Just like any other abroad experiment, through Perth Au pair programs you will be able to experience living the culture of your host country. This is because attending classes will give you time to meet people from different parts of the world that are also looking forward to learning a new language just as you.

You are paid

How awesome is it getting the chance to travel abroad and then getting paid for it?  Au pair Perth participants are normally given weekly allowances that are dictated by the industry standards in the relevant country. Additionally, the days off and pay rates as well as even overtime are payable. With about 30-40 hours per week of payable work and 0.5 to 2 days off, that’s a great deal.

Expenses are taken care of

The biggest dilemma of living abroad usually is the living expense. However, once you enroll to an Au program, then such worries are taken off your plate. This is because majority of the pay of the participants are usually taken care off by the host family. They are usually given a room to board, food and also ensure the safety of the participants.

If you are the kind of person who would love an adventure abroad and a chance to get to experience a new culture and learn a second language, then you need to register for an Au pair Perth program or one available in your locality. There are many options available for you to register, including cheap Au pair Perth agencies (see: